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15 September 2008

Killing Time

Just sitting here at work, nothing much to do. Power didn't go out for my building, but my manager and the manager under her won't be in today. My manager has an electric pump well, and therefore has no water, so she can't shower. The other manager has to watch his kids because their school district was closed today due to the power outage. Seriously, the wind yesterday was STRONG. It knocked out power for some parts of Pickerington, including Press Start Gaming, where I was hanging out yesterday afternoon. We ended up chilling in the parking lot. We played some game where Greg would stand on one speed bump, Joel on the other, and I would let go of two water bottles and let the wind push them towards where they were standing, and they had to try and catch one or both as they blew by. Yeah, we were bored.

Overall I'm liking it here at SOPHOS. I've learned some new things, made some new friends and acquaintances, and I like the environment as well. Went to some happy hour event with co-workers on Friday, and gained some good insight into some other things here that I had been curious about.

I've also added a PS3 and 360 to my system collection. Picked up both used for really cheap prices. I got the 360 just a couple nights ago, actually, and I've been having a lot of fun with it. I've mostly been playing GTA IV, which has proven to be more fun than I initially took it for. I'm hesitant to say, "OMG BEST GAME EVAR," but so far it's the kind of game I'll put down after a couple hours saying, "that's enough for a while," only to be right back on it within 30 minutes, if that. I also snagged Gears of War Special Edition (in a BOGO deal Daniel let me have for buying the system and a bunch of other crap), and I would have Call of Duty 4, but the power went out at the store before I was planning on buying it (usually buy games when the store closes), so yeah.

Naturally all this is hooked up to my HDTV, which I bought the day before the Olympics started. Gave it a good break-in period with these Olympic games being the first broadcast in HD, which was awesome. Naturally since I have a PS3 as well, I've been buying Blu-ray movies like mad. I still wish they would come down in price, to at least $27 to $30. Right now Amazon is proving essential in growing my collection. I'm not in some mad dash to replace my entire DVD collection on Blu, mostly because not everything I have on DVD is out on Blu yet. For now I'm replacing select titles that I really, really, really want to see in HD. Most of what I'm buying, however, are titles I didn't own previously, such as The Patriot, Blade Runner, and the Kill Bill movies.

Woah, I just heard someone say that we're likely on our generator power at the moment. I thought all those generators were intended mostly for the server farm. Blarg, I was hoping for a nice little day off. I wanna play some more GTA IV.

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06 July 2008

Phones and Small Talk

So a couple of times over the last week or so my brother has called me to simply, "shoot the breeze." Wants to know what I'm up to, how I'm doing, am I excited for my new job, shit like that.

Here are the answers: Waiting to start my new job, I'm doing fine, I guess.

Thing is, I hate small talk, especially over the phone. I don't know what it is, really. Should I need to talk on the phone, it's usually for business, I need some information relayed to me or relayed to someone, I need to know where you/someone are/is, things like that. I literally hate just talking on the phone for the sake of talking. Even just making small talk in person I find aggravating, pointless, forced, and a little difficult, almost tiring I guess. Talking for the sake of talking is just completely stupid in my opinion. I've noticed that it's more annoying to me when it's someone I really know/have known for a long time. Should it be someone I'm meeting for the first time, I can kind of manage small talk, but only because I'm wanting to sort of get to know them for some reason.

I dunno, I'm sort of weird with it I guess. I can talk to great lengths about something I'm very interested in, the latest movie/video game/tech news, shit like that, but to me it sort of has a purpose: either I'm learning others' thoughts and opinions in conjunction with my own, receiving new information on the item being discussed, or relaying new information to them myself.

Yeah, even I'm finding this pointless, like small talk.


25 June 2008

I <3 The Genius Bar

So first of all, I managed to land a job with Sophos in Dublin. They're a HUGE global company that makes security software for businesses, and I'm starting there as a Software Engineer I. I was totally stoked when they made the offer, mostly because of how quickly it came. I interviewed this past Friday, and as soon as I woke up on Tuesday my phone started ringing, and they made me the offer. My start date is July 7, and I can't wait. Now I can just relax until then! ^_^ \/

Anyway, it wasn't all fun and games unfortunately. I went and hung out with some friends from Press Start that evening, watching Baseketball, then hitting up O'Charlies for some awesome food (it's all about the rolls baby), and then over to Matt's house to play an Italian card game called Bang!, which is addicting as hell.

Anyway, I left his place around 1AM and came back home. Went up to my room, and jiggled my mouse a bit so the screen saver would go away and I could unlock my MacBook. Problem is, the screen saver stayed frozen for several minutes. I held down the power button to shut it down, then powered it back on. Unfortunately it just sat at a white screen, and then went to the Mac equivalent of the BSOD: the blinking folder with a question mark. This basically means that the computer can't find the System folder, or the hard drive. Sadly, after doing some research, it appears that the drive in my MacBook decided to crap out. I hopped on my iPhone and made an appointment with the Easton Apple Store's Genius Bar for 12:20 in the afternoon.

I got up there quite a bit early, and just sort of mulled around the store for about 30 minutes waiting my turn. When they finally called my name, the guy at the Bar pulled out their diagnostic drive and booted to it from my Mac using Target Disc Mode. Sadly, his findings confirmed mine: the system could not see the drive at all. Fortunately for me my Mac was still under warranty, and even better still was they had my model hard drive in stock. Since I knew how to install OS X myself, he said he would just replace the drive, format it to HFS+ for me, then I could take it home to install the OS. I said that was fine, and he had the new drive in the system, formatted, and ready for me to take home by 12:30.

You have no idea how awesome it is to be able to do this with your Mac unless you own one. Run into an issue and want some help figuring it out, or a second opinion on the problem? Make an appintment with the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store, and you can do just that. I love that I can actually talk FACE-TO-FACE with someone about a technical issue regarding my Mac, instead of relying on tech support over the phone. What's better is they can do basic repairs like mine in-house, meaning I don't waste a week or two sending my system out for repairs. Definitely getting the extended Apple Care plan for my MacBook sometime after I start my job.

I. Fucking. Love. Apple.

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19 June 2008

Uh, Yeah, 'Sup?

Man, I haven't updated this thing in over two months. Guess the only reason I'm doing so now is due to how bored I've been lately, so it'll give me something to do.

Clearly I've graduated from college, and now I'm looking for a job. Had an interview with a company up in Independence, Ohio a couple days after graduating, but they decided to go with someone who had two years of experience. Apparently they're adding several more positions throughout the year, and when the next one opens up they'd like me in there should I still be available, but for now they've encouraged me to seek employment elsewhere. I've been doing that, but so far not much. I have an interview with Sophos tomorrow, first round, but I'm hoping something comes of it. It'll be local, so I could stay with my parents for a while before getting my own place, so yeah, I'd like it.

Other than that, I haven't been up to much. I only have my job at Marcus right now, but I've enough money saved up and from graduation to survive for a while, just have to watch where I spend it. I've decided that unless something looks promising two or three weeks from now, though, I'm going to look for another job, both to help keep me financially stable to pay for the things I need, and so I can go out and have some fun now and then. The bigger reason will so it'll give me something to do during the week, because unless I'm working at Marcus or out on an interview, I'm sitting at home looking for other jobs and hoping I get a call from one of the recruiting agencies I'm working with. Definitely hard going from school and work 4 to 7 days a week for four years, to suddenly doing practically nothing at all.

As for summer movies, my favorite thus far is Iron Man, followed by Kung Fu Panda, Speed Racer, and Indiana Jones 4. I saw The Incredible Hulk last week, and while I found it enjoyable, I'm not in any rush to see it again or buy it as soon as it hits DVD. This week looks to be so-so for movies, with Get Smart and The Love Guru. I want to see the former over the latter, since Guru looks like it's just Myers rehashing his jokes from the Austin Powers movies, just as a guy from India. Next weekend should prove to be entertaining, with Wall-E and Wanted.

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05 April 2008

With Great Power Comes Awesome Responsibility

Okay, so a lot of you know I work for a movie theater as a projectionist. As such, one of the perks of my job is I can get into movies for free any day of the week except Saturday. Movie over 75% sold? No problem, I get passes that knock the price down to $1! I've only had to use those a couple of times in the year I've been working there, but hey, it's nice.

Anyway, this is another reason I love my job: kicking kids out of the theater who sneak in.

Let me note some things here. First of all, I have never snuck into a movie, nor have I ever lied about my age to get into one I wasn't old enough for. Having said that, I'll say this: if kids sneak into a movie I'm watching, whether I see them or not, I won't kick them out so long as they're polite members of the audience. I did stupid things when I was a kid, so who am I to harp on kids for being stupid kids?

Thing is, some kids are stupider than others.

Take tonight for instance. About halfway into the movie, this kid suddenly starts to yell out random things and is carrying on, with people occasionally telling him to, "shhh!" Now see? Had he simply come in and watched the movie, I wouldn't have cared. Hell, I didn't even see him come in, so I wouldn't have even known about it to begin with! This kid, however, decides it's cool to yell things out, hootin', hollerin' and carryin' on, and oh, he's listening to music on his phone as well!

So I lean to my friend and say, "I'll be back in a minute."

I make my way up the stairs (this is in the UltraScreen by the way), and make it look like I exit the house, but I don't, and pop a squat in a vacant seat near the door. As I walk up, this kid's playing with his damn phone (one off my pet peeves in a theater), listening to music so loudly I can hear it even with the soundtrack blaring. I'm a reasonable man, though, and decide to give him a minute or two to change his ways.

I wait about 20 seconds, because he's still talking and making an ass out of himself, and people are starting to look in his direction.

So, I get up and walk over to his seat.

"Sir, do you have a ticket for this movie?"

Dumb kid has his music up so loud and is boppin' to it that he doesn't even hear me! His little brother ends up getting his attention.


"You have a ticket for this movie?"


Dumb mistake one: if you answer yes to a question asking if you have something, you should know beforehand that the followup question will be along the lines of, "may I see it?"

"May I see it?"

"Yeah, hold on a sec . . . ."

Kid starts fumbling around in his pants' pockets for it.

"It's too dark, I can't see to find it. Let's go up to where it's light." An honest request, so I agree.

We get up to where there's more light, but he still can't find it. So he kinda gets smart, or so he thinks.

"Man, I can't find it, but the manager dude that was standing at the door to the theater checked it before I came in, so yeah."

"Sir, there were no managers or ushers posted at the entrance to this house prior to the movie. You'll either need to show me a ticket, or you and your brother will have to leave."

He reaches into his back pocket, "Oh, here it is."

I'm expecting a piece of paper or something, so I motion for him to hand it to me, and he does. Wow, it's actually a ticket! No problem . . . if it's for this movie that is. So I bust out my phone to illuminate the front of it.

Drillbit Taylor. Too bad the movie that's in this house is Leatherheads.

"Sir, this is for Drillbit Taylor."

"Isn't that what this is?"

"No, it's Leatherheads. Drillbit Taylor is playing down the hall in house 3. Yeah, I'm gonna have to ask you and your brother to leave."

So he grabs his little brother, and heads out.

Now what did we learn here? First, this kid is a moron. Seriously, how could you not expect someone who asks you to prove you have a right to be in a movie to not show your ticket stub? Did you honestly think saying, "yes, I have a ticket," would make me say, "oh, okay, well, just keep it down then?" Second, if I'm in the theater as well, I would know if ushers were posted to check ticket stubs. I've already told you I work here, so I know the procedure, so I know they usually have the user stand in front of the doors until about 15 minutes into the film, and I'm never late for a start. Thirdly, if you've been in here since the start of the film, you should know from the opening credits if it's the right film or not.

Man, kids today can be so retarded sometimes. Oh well, makes for funny blog posts like this one!

Oh yeah, Leatherheads was pretty good. I wouldn't buy it on DVD the day it comes out, but it was humorous enough to make me consider it at some point, like when it's cheap in the bargain bin.

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